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Video:Tips for Taking Prom Pictures

with Greg Gant

Prom pictures will last much long than the dance will. Capture the best memories with this video on tips for taking prom pictures.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Taking Prom Pictures

Hey my name’s Greg Gant and today we’re going over tips for taking prom photos.

Location for Prom Pictures

The first step when taking your prom photo is to find a location with a nice background. Try to avoid things such as trashcans and other people in the background.

Lighting Prom Pictures

Once you have a pretty location lighting is your next worry. Try to find an area that has some light, but not so much that your subjects are squinting. And remember using a flash can be a great way to fill your subjects with more light.

Posing for Prom Pictures

Now it’s time to position your subjects. Have your subjects position their body away from the camera and then rotate their head to the camera. This position will help people look slimmer and avoid having a double chin in the photo. Don’t force the photo, let it come naturally. Fake smiles look cheesy and make terrible photos. When you’re taking the photos be a little goofy to loosen up your couple and then you can get some beautiful shots.

Lastly don’t forget to have fun, a photoshoot can seem like forever if it’s boring. After you snap those crucial traditional romantic photos take some funny ones that will be sure to make some memories. Thanks for watching to learn more visit us at

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