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Video:Tips for Recreating a Celebrity's Makeup for Prom

with Allyson Thompson

Recreating a celebrity's makeup for prom can be a fun way to dress up stylishly. Here are some tips for recreating a celebrity's makeup for prom so that you look ready for Hollywood.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Recreating a Celebrity's Makeup for Prom

Hi, I'm Allyson Thompson, a stylist here at Studio 23 in San Luis Obispo. I'm here today for to give you some tips for mimicking a celebrity's makeup for prom. Whether you want a flashy and unforgettable style, or something simple and understated, there are hundreds of celebrity looks you can imitate.

Choose a Look When Recreating a Celebrity's Makeup for Prom

First thing you want to do is decide on a look for prom. Do you have a particular feature you want to emphasize, or are you hoping to achieve a look that will perfectly complement your dress? Spend some time going through magazines or searching online for a celebrity look that you think will work for you. If you plan on doing the makeup yourself, practice applying the look a few times leading up to prom. However, if you'll be using a makeup artist or stylist, be sure to take examples with you on your big day, whether you cut pictures out of magazines or print them from your computer.

Consider Your Features When Recreating a Celebrity's Makeup for Prom

If you don't have a particular celebrity look in mind, and are simply looking for makeup styles that appeal to you, think about your own features. Do you often receive comments on your full lips? If so, find a celebrity who's makeup complements her mouth, and tear the picture out for your stylist. Red or dark pink lips will likely be a good look for you, just as they are for the celebrity your mimicking. Perhaps your eyes are your strongest feature. If this is the case, there are dozens of celebrities who sport smokey or dark-rimmed eyes, so finding one to mimic shouldn't be too difficult.

Focus on One Element When Recreating a Celebrity's Makeup for Prom

Eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, and even false eyelashes will all likely be part of this look. As long as you show your makeup artist or stylist an example, he or she will be able to adapt it perfectly. Just a tip: You want to focus on your eyes or your lips -- not both. If you come across a snapshot where a celebrity is flaunting bright red lips and smokey eyes, their makeup artist has done them a disservice.

Try a Softer Look When Recreating a Celebrity's Makeup for Prom

If you want an overall soft and dewey look -- one that's not focused on a single feature -- you'll want to mimic a celebrity who's found the perfect balance. This will likely equate to minimal eye makeup, light pink blush on the cheeks, and a slightly-hued lip gloss. It's a look you'll find on younger celebrities, or those attending less formal events.

Additional Tips for Recreating a Celebrity's Makeup for Prom

While mimicking the makeup of a celebrity whom you closely resemble is a good way to ensure you look perfect for your prom, any celebrity look should work as long as you follow the aforementioned guidelines. And don't forget to take a picture with you if you're using the service of a makeup artist or stylist.

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