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Video:How to Style a Ponytail Over 50

with Kelly Britton

A ponytail isn't just a hairstyle for young girls; women over 50 can pull off the look just as well, as long as they style it right. Here are some tips for wearing a ponytail over 50.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Style a Ponytail Over 50

Hi, I am Kelly Britton, a professional stylist for Style, and I'm going to show you how to make a ponytail style hairdo for over 50.

Ponytail Hairstyle Over 50 Materials

Here is what you'll need to style a ponytail for the woman over 50:
  • 5 bobby pins
  • Hairspray can with extra hold
  • Rat tail comb
  • A clip-in ponytail hair piece that matches your hair color

Using a Clip-In Hairpiece for the Over-50 Ponytail

Since most women who are mature and over 50 and do not have long enough hair to achieve a ponytail style, they will use a clip in ponytail that you can find at any beauty supply shop. Find one that has a clip in pony tail holder, and has an extra hold-off of hair to wrap around the ponytail holder to hide the clip in the back; it also clips it into the hair easily. First thing you want to do is make a ponytail either at the bottom of the head or the middle of the head. Making a ponytail at the bottom of the head is for a more elegant look and the middle of the head is for a more fun, going-out style. Stay away from doing a ponytail at the top of the head, as this looks too much like a teenager's style.

Finishing the Over-50 Ponytail Hairstyle

After you have made a secure tight ponytail with your own hair, spray all your hair with hairspray, especially in the nape of the neck area and get all the fly away hairs to look neat. Now take the clip and insert the ponytail hair piece and place on the top of the real hair ponytail, pulling down securely. Now, using the Velcro adhesive on the hairpiece, just wrap the extra piece or extensions of hair around the ponytail clip as tight as you can, and then after a few wraps, twist the remaining hair, and use bobby pins to hold the short ends. Spray all of the hair and use the comb to gently comb through the ponytail to make it look neat. There you have it, a beautiful full ponytail for over 50.

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