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Video:How to Style a Long Bob for a Long Face

with Tye Coe

A long face should have a complimentary hair style. Check out how to style a bob hair cut to feature the best assets of your long face.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Style a Long Bob for a Long Face

Hi! My name is Tye Coe for, I am a celebrity hair, makeup and fashion stylist and today we are at the fabulous BeSu Salon and Day Spa here in New York City and I am going to show you some tips for styling a bob for a long face.

Side Part and Back-Comb the Bob on a Long Face

In styling a long bob for a long face there are a few thing that you want to keep in mind. First thing you want to definitely make sure you have a side parting. You want to start with an underneath section and do some light back-combing. Same thing on the other side. The back-combing is going to help in creating volume on the sides to help balance out the long face. After you have got your back-combing in place you want to comb it down and start your style.

Create an Angle on the Face with Hair

So after you have combed out the back-combing and just smoothed that out so that it looks really nice and polished you are going to sweep back the front section and then bring forward making sure that you have a slight angle going across the face. Making sure that your sides are balanced, you can balance them with a bit of hairspray. Make that when you are styling your bob if you have a long face that you are bringing the front sections under your chin to kind of soften that area. And this is how you style a long bob for a long face.

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