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Video:How to Style Bangs Over 50

with Kelly Britton

Styling bangs over 50 can be tricky, as you want to maintain an age-appropriate style while also looking stylish. Here are some tips for how to style bangs over 50.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Style Bangs Over 50

Hi, I'm Kelly Britton, a professional stylist for Style. I am going to show you how to style bangs for the woman over 50.

Supplies Needed to Style Bangs Over 50

The tools you will need are:
  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • Round brush
  • Blow dryer
  • Paddle brush
  • Small amount of styling gel

Create a Blunt Line to Style Bangs Over 50

First thing I am going to do is cut her shape into her bangs. I’m going to over-extend her hair from her part pulling in the opposite direction, just a little, creating a fresh new blunt line. Pull the hair back over and we are ready to style.

Now once you've blown dry the rest of the hair leaving the bangs wet, one trick I like to use is using a volumizing tonic on the bangs. It help keep them pliable and really holds the style. You just want to lift them up with your hand spray with volumizing tonic and you are ready to blow dry.

Use Wrap Drying to Style Bangs Over 50

I am going to teach you something called wrap drying. This is where you overextend the hair every direction until it's dry. It doesn't give you a distinct part and give the bangs more volume. Now I will do a nice polished curl to finishing out the round edges, using the round brush and the blow dryer.

Once you’ve done that you can add a little teasing to the front, giving the hair a beautiful look.That is how you style bangs over 50.

Thank you for watching, and for more information, visit us at Style.
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