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Video:How to Relax Black Hair

with Tye Coe

Learn how to relax black hair so that you can get smooth, straight hair easily. Here are some tips for how to relax black hair.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Relax Black Hair

Hello! My name is Tye Coe for I am a celebrity hair, makeup and fashion stylist and today we are at the fabulous BeSu Salon and Day Spa here in New York City and I am going to show you how to relax black hair.

Base the Scalp in Quadrants to Relax Black Hair

In relaxing black hair, the first thing you want to start with is a protective scalp barrier. Keep in mind when you are putting on the protector you want to stay as close to the hairline as possible. After you've based the hairline you then want to start in basing the scalp. So we're going to part into 4 quadrants, first going straight down the middle and then you are going to split the middle part from ear to ear. So you want to then start with basing the scalp on the part line. So you just want to do this throughout and finish up with your base.

Apply Relaxer Only to New Growth When You Relax Black Hair

Then we're going to start in the middle section and we're going to get the relaxer and we're going to stay about a quarter of an inch away from the scalp in your application applying only to the new growth. Make sure when you are applying your relaxer that you are only laying it on as opposed to spreading it on because you don't want it to move.

Save the Front Hairline for Last When You Relax Black Hair

So once you've got your section with the relaxer on your first quadrant you want to clip off and move in quarter inch sections with the application of the relaxer. You want to make sure you save the front hairline for last because the hair is the weakest there and it's the easiest to break. When you're doing the front section make sure that you're keeping the relaxer off of the skin past the hairline.

Smooth the Hairline When You Relax Black Hair

So after you've applied the relaxer all throughout the hair you want to first start back in the back where you first applied the relaxer and with the back end of your comb you want to just start smoothing to help in straightening the hair. This action is very important in getting the hair completely straight and it can not be skipped. So just take your sections, your one inch sections and smooth and you'll see the curl pattern will start breaking down with the smoothing action.

Rinse Out the Relaxer When You Relax Black Hair

So after that you'll be able to see if your hair is completely straight if it doesn't bounce back in the curl pattern when you press it -- if it stays straigh that will let you know that the relaxer is pretty much done and it's time to rinse it out. You want to make sure that you rinse first for about 5 minutes to make sure you have all the relaxer out of the hair.

Use a Neutralizing Shampoo When You Relax Black Hair

After you've completely rinsed out the relaxer, you want to then follow up with a neutralizing shampoo. It's very important in putting in the neutralizing shampoo to balance out the pH of the hair and now we are going to follow up with a conditioner thats going to help in closing the cuticle down and makiing sure that the hair stays in a very healthy state. After you've done that you can style it in your preferred style.And this is how you relax black hair.

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