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Video:How to Put Highlights in Blonde Hair

with Kimberly Steffen

Highlights in blonde hair adds dimension that can make a flat hair color much more vibrant. With these highlighting techniques, you can amp up your blonde hairstyles.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Put Highlights in Blonde Hair

Hello! My name is Kimberly Steffen; and I'm a stylist here at Norris of Houston. Today we're going to talk about putting highlights in blonde hair.

Use Different Highlighting Techniques to Add Depth to Your Blonde Hair

So what we're going to do is start at the flattest section right near the ear here, so that we get as close to the scalp as possible that actually weave on to the scalp. We're going to alternate between slices and weaving, so that we get some chunky and some blended. So I am going to start out first with a slice, and maybe you do not want to do that very first one, you can go back at the end, and break it up with the weave, so that you don't end up with a small little triangle or a dark area.

And you take your foil, I am placing it on the flattest part of the scalp, you'll get it closer to the scalp on both ends. And using a comb or brush, apply the bleach to the section you want and just work it through all the way.If you have existing color inherently you're trying to remove it out, I am going to make sure that you brush the bleach or lightener through the hair very well so that you don't have spots of it left in the hair later on.

Place Highlights to Work With the Hair Line and Head Shape

In this next section we're just going to break it up with a little bit of weave. She parts her hair on the side, so I'm going to come up here, and we are going to make her part through here. We're going to straight back with the foil to do that part. And let behind the front of the hairline we're going to start back with some chunkier highlights, and we're going to take two slices back to back, and this again gets chunkier highlights.In this section as you go along, you can always find the flat things of the head, because she is a guide, and everybody's head might possibly be different, because I don't think anybody has the shape as the next person, so just use your best judgment to find those plains.

Come around to the front, we come in at an angle; you can split that up, and weave that out. If you follow the plains of the head, you'll always have nice lines throughout the hair; now this section, this top section, get out of the way, so I'm getting around the face on the opposite side. I alternate between chunky, slices, and weaves, depending on what the person is wanting in their hair. Now that we have got our foils in place where we want them, we are going to process up 15 to 20 minutes. We have a little more of a chunky type of look, this is put in the two foils back to back through the hair. And this is more of the blended look through here, because we didn't want any separation from the dark and the blended light, and that is how you put highlights in blonde hair.
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