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Video:Homemade Rosemary Hot Oil Treatment

with Natasha Levitan

Rosemary is used in aromatherapy to enhance the senses and boost memory. This rosemary hot oil treatment is great for hair, and the ingredients are just a step away in your kitchen pantry.See Transcript

Transcript:Homemade Rosemary Hot Oil Treatment

Hi! I'm Natasha Levitan for You can make your own hot oil treatment at home. Now you no longer have to purchase hair care products that have many foreign ingredients and damaging elements. All you have to do is take a trip to your kitchen pantry.

Benefits of Rosemary Hot Oil Treatment

So, today I'm going to show you how to make your own rosemary hot oil treatment. Rosemary is used in aromatherapy to enhance the senses and boost memory.

Supplies Needed for Homemade Hot Oil Treatment

Here is what you will need:
  • 1 bunch of rosemary leaves
  • 1/2 cup soybean oil
  • plastic bag
  • warm towel
  • bowl
  • strainer

Prepare the Rosemary

Take the rosemary sprigs and remove the leaves. Discard the stems and set the leaves aside.

Warm the Hot Oil Treatment Ingredients

Combine rosemary leaves and oil in a double broiler. Heat on a medium heat until the oil is warm. Put a strainer over a bowl and separate out the leaves.

Apply the Homemade Hot Oil Treatment

Put a towel on your shoulders to protect your clothing. Take some oil into your hand and coat your entire head and hair with the mixture working evenly to the end of the strands. Take a plastic bag and wrap your hair in plastic and then cover it with a towel.

Leave the oil mixture in your hair for 15 minutes while you read or watch TV. It will give it a chance to work through your scalp and hair. When you are done, wash your hair with shampoo.

Store the Homemade Hot Oil Treatment

You can store the remaining rosemary hair oil in a microwavable plastic container. If you'd like to repeat your hot oil treatment, you can reheat the oil straight in the container.

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