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Video:How to Get the Right Pixie Cut for a Round Face

with Corene Camp

Want to learn how to create a pixie cut for a round face? Here, see tips and tricks for getting the look right.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Get the Right Pixie Cut for a Round Face

Hi I'm professional stylist Corene Camp from Fort Worth Texas and for About.com today I am going to show you how to get the right pixie cut for a round face.

Tools for Creating a Pixie Cut for a Round Face

The tools you will need are:

  • cutting shears
  • comb
  • blow dryer
  • razor with a guard
  • small round brush or flat brush
  • hair styling product (volume lift and wax)

Instructions for Creating a Pixie Cut for a Round Face

A great Pixie cut for a round face would be shorter on sides and longer on top, using the top length for the swoop bang to break up the roundness of the face. To start, we will taper in the back sections depending on how long you want the length in the back, we can trim straight across at the hairline or leave a bit of length, some hair to play with if you want something wispy or textured. We will then go through and taper a lot of the hair, and get rid of a lot of weight that is at the base of the neck.

After completing the back section we can move on to the sides. When doing the sides we can do some length out in the front depending on how we want to style it when we are finished. Once the sides are complete we can move on to the top section first evaluating how long we want to keep the top. We can still maintain a lot of length at the top for body and volume. When moving across the sections leave out the bangs so you won't cut those too short too soon.

Additional Instructions for Creating a Pixie Cut for a Round Face

After the top section is cut to the desired length blend into the sides. Use a razor if you want texture. Blend into the longer section for the bangs so you don't cut too short around the hairline. Now move to the front section and, the bang area and slide the razor down, as we get closer to the hairline blend in with the other sections. Then repeat on the other side of the head. After the cut you may want to style using products for the certain hair type and the pixie style you want to create.

For a round face you want more volume at the top to make the face seem longer, so I am using a volume product at the crown area and towards the hairline. You may want to blow dry with a flat or round brush, when complete use a wax to define the texture and give some hold, then piece out the bangs, swoop these forward and to the side to give a A symmetrical style. This is how you get the right pixie cut for a round face.

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