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Video:How to Get Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair

with Laura Kiorkis

Learn how to get blonde highlights in brown hair so that you can lighten your hair without damaging it. Here are tips for getting blonde highlights in brown hair, including where to place the highlights and how light to go.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Get Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair

Hello, my name is Laura Kiorkis and I'm owner and operator of Gemini of Chicago Hair Salon. Today, I'll show you how achieve blonde highlights on brown hair.

Tools Needed for Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair

The tools you need are:

  • peroxide
  • powder lightener
  • a bowl
  • brush
  • foil
  • a tail comb

Choose a Color for Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair

The first thing you should do is establish your client's existing level and determine what lightness you would like to take your client's hair to. Using simple tools to determining your client's natural complexion and what tones go best with that, are a very easy way of determining what shade of blonde you want to achieve. For instance I have just a swatch that has a gold side and a silver side, the gold is for warm and the silver is for cool tones. Otherwise, you can use a fabric swatch or a swatch of hair that's been pre-colored.

If your client has existing redness in their skin tone such as rosacea, you will want to use a toner that's going to neutralize that effect, such as a neutral or ash-based glaze. Now before you start always make sure to practice safety and to do a skin test and a strand test on your client's hair, that way you'll know exactly how long to process the highlights and when to remove that color.

Determine Placement of Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair

After establishing the level of the hair which again is level three darkest medium brown, we're going to section to apply a partial highlight or a T-weave highlight, which would be the top crown section to the hairline and from ear to ear each side from ear to hairline.

The next thing you'll need to determine is highlight placement. Determine what your client's needs are and what would best compliment their facial features, such as a client who wants to broaden their face is going to want to put highlights around the hairline to give that visual effect of lightening in the face. If you would like to create a visual narrowing of the face, be sure to keep your highlight away from the hairline so that their darker tones are around their facial area.

Tone Hair After Getting Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair

Always be sure to set a timer according to your manufacturer's directions to ensure that you achieve the results that you desire. After processing any chemical make sure you rinse thoroughly and shampoo the hair and follow with any necessary treatments. Toning or glazing the hair after highlight service is almost essential to ensure that you achieve the exact hue or level that you would like your highlights to be, and to control any unwanted tones that might have come up during the highlighting process.

And that's how you achieve blonde highlights on brown hair.

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