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Video:How to Dye Dirty Blond Hair Bright Blond

with Laura Kiorkis

Learn how to properly dye dirty blond hair bright blond. Here, see great tips for how to dye dirty blond hair bright blond.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Dye Dirty Blond Hair Bright Blond

Hello! My name is Laura Kiorkis, and I'm Owner and Operator of Gemini of Chicago Hair Salon. Today, I'm going to show you how to dye dirty blonde hair, bright blonde.

Tools You Need to Dye Dirty Blong Hair Bright Blond

The tools you will need are developer in 20, 30 or 40 volume, an ammonia-based double lift blonding cream and a bowl and brush.

Precautions When Dying Dirty Blond Hair Bright Blond

Now before you start always make sure to practice safety and to do a skin test and a strand test on your client's hair. The first thing you'll need to do to dye dirty blonde hair, bright-blonde, is determine what existing shade and level you're starting with. Most dirty blonde hair has an existing green undertone or ash undertone, and you're trying to neutralize that or even make it warmer.If your client has a neutral skin tone, you can use any double blonde formula from neutral to strawberry blonde. In Tory's case we're starting with a really ash blonde or dirty blonde, and we want to get maximum level of lift as well as warm the hair up to a golden blonde, so we're using a double blonde color in golden blonde.

How Redness in Skin Effects Dying Dirty Blond Hair Bright Blond

If your client has existing redness in their skin tone, you don't want to intensify that, so you're going to stick to the neutral to gold family of blonde. When using a double blonde formula, the manufacturer's instructions usually require you to mix in a 2:1 ratio, meaning two parts developer to one part color cream. In Tory's case, to achieve maximum level of lift we're going to use a 40 volume developer in 2:1 ratio with our golden blonde cream color.Before you begin, make sure to section your client's hair into four quadrants. Make sure you apply base around the client's hairline to protect their skin from the high level of peroxide you are using.

Applying Blond Hair Dye to Virgin Hair

When applying your double-blonde formula on virgin hair, start at the back bright quadrant, applying your color from mid strand to ends moving in a clockwise direction. After you've applied your color from mid strand to ends, starting again in the back bright quadrant, apply the color from the roots to the mid strand.After you have finished to applying the roots all over, be sure to process your client's color according to the manufacturer's instructions. After processing any chemical make sure you rinse thoroughly and shampoo the hair and follow with any necessary treatments. And with one high-lift blonde color we've achieved a brighter blonde and much more vibrancy and change it from ash blonde to bright golden blonde.
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