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Video:How to Dye Dark Hair Blonde

with Laura Kiorkis

Learn how to dye dark hair blonde so that you can lighten your hair color without damaging or over-bleaching hair. Here are tips for how to dye dark hair blonde.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Dye Dark Hair Blonde

Hello, my name is Laura Kiorkis. I'm owner and operator of Gemini of Chicago Hair Salon in Peoria, Ariz. Today, I'm going to show you how to dye dark hair blonde.

Tools Needed to Dye Dark Hair Blonde

The tools you will need to remove color from your client's hair are

  • peroxide
  • clarifying shampoo
  • a protein-based conditioner
  • powder lightener
  • a little bit of distilled water
  • ammonia-based color
  • a bowl and brush to apply

Now before you start always make sure to practice safety and to do a skin test and a strand test on your client's hair.

Decide Which Treatment to Use When Dyeing Dark Hair Blonde

To dye dark hair blonde you can do one of two techniques. You can either strip the hair or remove the color by doing a traditional soap cap, or you can apply ammonia-based color on virgin hair, to lift the hair to a lighter level. The first thing you'll need to do to dye dark hair blonde is decide what level you're starting from and decide what end result you would like.

You're going to decide on your method based on what existing tones and level the hair is. In Sera's case, we're working with the few different existing levels and tones, so we're going to apply the soap cap method to cleanse away any dark areas and lift the hair up to a level that we can start with, to determine which color we would like to choose in the end.

Use a Soap Cap Formula to Dye Dark Hair Blonde

To mix a soap cap formula, you'll take equal parts of your powder lightener, peroxide, clarifying shampoo, protein-based conditioner and water, and mix them together. Apply your mixture to your sectioned area, working in small sections to ensure even distribution and saturation. Go through and working the mixture into a lather so that you can cleanse away any dark areas or levels in the hair.

Be sure to check your client's hair frequently while the soap cap is processing to ensure that you do not go beyond the level of lightness you're looking for.

Choose a Light Color to Dye Dark Hair Blonde

Once you have lifted the hair to the desired level of lightness -- in Sera's case that's a yellow-orange stage -- then you'll decide what color you're going to use to control the blonde and get the desire shade in the end. In Sera's case we've decided to use a strawberry blonde to color the hair after we've lightened it to desired level of blonde.

We've decided to use strawberry blonde on Sera, because it complements her fair skin tone. Always be sure to set a timer according to your manufacturer's directions to ensure that you achieve the results that you desire. We have achieved a level 10 Strawberry Blonde on Sera's originally levels four through six brown hair.

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