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Video:How to Dye Blonde Hair Pink Using a Washout Color

with Kimberly Steffen

A washout color on blonde hair will create a fun pop of color that will only last a day or two. Learn how to use a washout coloring technique that works best in blonde hair.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Dye Blonde Hair Pink Using a Washout Color

Kimberly Steffen: Hello! My name is Kimberly Steffen; I'm a stylist here at Norris of Houston. And I'm going to show you how to put temporary color on blonde hair.

Washout Hair Color Will Come Out After the First Shampoo

First we're going to do pink. This is a temporary washout color, and you take a foil, or cotton, something to keep the hair separated from the rest of the hair and using a comb or brush, an old toothbrush will work as well. Apply the color to the section you want and just work it through all the way. The lighter the hair, the more vibrant the color will be. But this is a temporary color that will washout on the first shampoo.

If you wanted to use something that was a little more permanent, you are going to be very careful to use gloves on your hands, and you want to let that set for about 20 minutes. You can even dry it into the hair, but it'll be a little stiffer, but it will stay in a little longer. And you can just remove the access with an old towel. I am going to take that hair, just wipe that access off.And you can just comb it through.

Kool-Aid Can Also Be Used as a Washout Hair Dye

This is just one example of a temporary color, this is a washout color. Kool-Aid sometimes will work. If you do decide to use the Kool-Aid route, what you want to do is pour the packet of Kool-Aid in a bowl, add just enough water to make it more of a pasty consistency and then you can apply it to the hair using an old toothbrush and you can just remove the access with an old towel, and then you can just let it dry into the hair. And this is how you add a strip of pink to blonde hair.
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