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Video:Spa Pedicure

with Kathy Yan

Give your feet a break by treating yourself to a pedicure. We'll show you how to do a relaxing pedicure.See Transcript

Transcript:Spa Pedicure

Hi, I’m Kathy Yan. Owner of Ohm Spa, in New York City. Here for Today we’re going to show you how a pedicure is performed.

Tools Needed for a Pedicure

The following tools are needed. Nail clipper, cuticle pusher, 2 cuticle nippers, 2 files, orange stick, rubbing alcohol, polish remover, cotton ball, sanitizer, nail buffer, a hot damp towel, scrub stone, wooden scoop, cuticle remover cream, cuticle moisturizer, foot lotion or massage cream, exfoliate, top coat, base coat, a nail lacquer, and foot bath salt.

Prepare Nails and Soak the Feet

Prepare soak using warm to hot water, combine 2 scoops or capfuls of a foot bath salt. Remove existing nail enamel using low acetone or acetone free polish remover. Inspect nails. Ask client regarding preference for nail shape. Start with the client’s left foot. If necessary trim the nail from the sides to prevent it from splitting. File only in one direction with a 45 degree angle to the nail base. Gently buff the nail plate with a buffing cube in the direction of nail growth and smooth the nail edges. Check all nails after filing and buffing. Place left foot in the salt soaking tub and start to work on the right foot. Always check with the client on the water temperature.

Apply Cuticle Cream and Examine Cuticles

After removing the left foot from the soaking tub apply cuticle remover cream and massage around the cuticle in a circular motion. Gently slide a cuticle pusher along the nail plate – toward the cuticle are in a small circular motion. If necessary use a cuticle nipper to carefully remove the loosed cuticle as well as any loose pieces of non living tissue.

Exfoliate the Feet and Legs

Apply one scoop of sea salt exfoliant using a wooden scoop to apply on foot and leg. Then gently scrub in a circular motion upwards to the knee. Rinse off the exfoliant thoroughly with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. Apply moisturizing mask throughout calves and feet. Wrapping them in plastic for three to five minutes before rinsing off. After, apply a generous amount of massage cream to the foot and leg and massage until the lotion is completely absorbed. Repeat on the second foot and leg.

Prepare Toes for Polish

Wrap a hot damp towel around foot and legs as usual and the reapply a little lotion if needed. Gently clean beneath free nail edges with an orange stick and rubbing alcohol. Remove nail residue on the nail bed with polish remover. Recheck the shape of toenails and cuticle before polishing.

Paint the Toenails

Apply one thin coat of base coat or strengthener for those who have weaker or chipping nails. Make sure to paint slightly below the free nail edges to prevent from color chipping. Then apply two thin coats of nail lacquer. Foot switching between each coat allows some time for drying. Seal and protect with a prescribed top coat.

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