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Video:How to Do a Long Hair Updo

with Janelle Flat

Long hair can be difficult to style in an updo, but with these tips you can create a chic hair style no matter how long your hair is. With the right products and hair styling techniques, an updo on long hair is made simple.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do a Long Hair Updo

I am Janelle Flat here at Norris of Houston and today we're going to be doing an updo with long hair.

Begin the Updo by Curling and Sectioning the Long Hair

So what we're going to do with her, since her hair is long, but it needs to be curled, so I'm going to start out with curling her hair with a larger barrel curling iron, spraying it with a little hairspray, just to give it a little bit of bump at the ends. You just want them to curl piece by piece taking larger sections, spraying each section with hairspray before you curl it. Making sure to curl away from the face and not towards the face.

After you finished spraying it, let it dry for a minute, then you want to pull the sides out, pin them out of your way, and then take this top section, pinning this out of the way as well. The key is not to get intimated if somebody does have long hair, use a ponytail, it'll help de-amplify the hair, make it easier for you to work with.

Long Hair Can Create a Soft and Chic Romantic Updo Hair Style

Putting the hair at the base and spraying it, and then you want to start with the top. Teasing each section just to give it a little bit of lift, let it dry. And then section by section you want to wrap it around the hair from underneath it and pin, pin it underneath. A lot of the updos are very romantic now, not very many of the updos that are on the red carpet that are to put together, it's very loose, a lot texture, whether it's with curls or braids or pinned curls, since a lot of finger waves that have been presented in the last year.

Then you want to take little piece and kind of just create something that's soft, and it's also going to get all of that hair up. Now with your pieces, just wrap them around pin them in. Coming back through using your fingers a lot, especially around the bang area that way it gives it more of a, almost better look.And this is how to do an updo on long hair.
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