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Video:How to Cut Layers Into Long Hair

with Claudia Farrat

Learn how to cut layers into long hair so that you can add volume and style to your client's hair. Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to cut layers into long hair.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Cut Layers Into Long Hair

My name is Claudia Farrat for About.com and today we are going to learn how to cut layers into long hair.

Safety Tips for Cutting Layers Into Long Hair

A consultation with a professional is always recommended before taking any action, taking into consideration the client's features and face shape before making a decision. Make sure the client is properly draped and use a neck strip or towel is used to protect the client's skin. Secure the sectioned and sub-sectioned hair completely prior to picking up shears.

Prep the Hair When Cutting Layers Into Long Hair

Wash hair thoroughly. I recommend twice to ensure removal of all styling products and oils. Condition hair from mid-shaft to ends with a leave-in conditioner; this will assist you with slippage during the combing and cutting process. Section the hair straight down the center of the head and secure each side with a clip. Make sure the client is sitting with legs straight and uncrossed, as this can cause an uneven offset of layers from one of the side parts. Ask and determine how short the client wants the shortest layers, which are always the layers around the face.

Cut Layers Into Long Hair Starting at the Back

Ensure that the client's head is tilted in the forward (to the chest) position; this creates an instant graduated angle. Starting from the back ends, begin cutting horizontally (straight across) until you get to the front area. Keep in mind at all times that the client's head is on a tilt forward, and also the preferred layered length as you work your way towards the face area. Proceed to the other side; section and repeat process. Once you have finished cutting, put clients head in the upright position and observe how the layers just fall into place.

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