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Video:How to Create a Sideswept Bangs Bob

with Tye Coe

Side swept bangs create a distinctly chic look to a bob hairstyle. With the right tools and these helpful tips, styling side swept bangs is made easy.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Create a Sideswept Bangs Bob

Hi! My name is Tye Coe for, I am a celebrity hair, make-up and fashion stylist. Today we are at the fabulous BeSu Salon and Day Spa here in New York City and I'm going to show you how to style a bob with side swept bangs.

Blow Dry and Curl Up With a Round Brush for Side Swept Bangs

In styling a bob with side swept bangs- first with Marina- cut an angled bang in the front so that we can style it easily. So you want to start with a little bit of product first: today we are going to use just a little bit of hairspray. I am going to take the round brush and with the bangs that we have cut, typically people want to style these bangs going under like this and that's the wrong thing to do in a side swept bang. So we are going to take a round brush. You are just going to go up as opposed to under with your brush and the blow dryer – so you want to take it and go up and across like that to create the side swept effect. And the same thing on the other side, going back with the blow dryer and the brush.

Hold the Side Swept Shape in the Bangs With Hairspray

Once you have done that – I did blow dry all of Marina's hair, just kind of slightly going under and we are just going to polish it out with a little bit of hairspray. Just kind of polish the whole thing out.Ok, so you are going to polish it out with a little bit of hairspray and make sure you spray your bangs going in the side swept motion. Pretty simple and easy: and this is how you create a Bob With Side Swept Bangs.

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