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Video:How to Color a Bob Haircut

with Jennifer Webb

Here, learn how to best color a bob haircut to maximize results and appearance.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Color a Bob Haircut

Hi I'm Jennifer Webb from Prima Salon Portland, Oregon and I'm going to show you how to color a bob haircut.

Supplies Needed to Color a Bob Haircut

Tools you'll need to color a bob hair cut are:
  • the desired hair color or hair dye
  • color brushes
  • color bowls
  • sectioning clips
  • a steamer hair dryer or a bag

Instructions for How to Color a Bob Haircut

Section the hair off the face and start with the underneath section of the hair. One tip if the hair is super short in the back start where the layers meet at the graduated section of your hair or wear it as heaviest in the back. the back of the hair should be woven in a fine little piecey sections to create an even color. Big sections or starting too low would create a cheetah print or blocky look. Doing fine sections all the way up to the crown will create a nice smooth even color. Doing heavy sections or slicing the hair are methods to create a heavier look for more dense color and should only be done at the top of the head. For the sides slicing the hair on an angle creates a softer line of color throughout the hair.

These are my tips for coloring a bob.Thanks for watching if you'd like to learn more please visit us on the web at
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