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Video:How to Avoid Flat Iron Hair Damage

with Aubrey Morgan

If you want to flat iron your hair, be sure to use the flat iron properly and not damage your hair. Here are some easy precautions to take to avoid flat iron hair damage.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Avoid Flat Iron Hair Damage

Hi, I am Aubrey for About.com and today I am going to teach you some tips on how to avoid flat iron damage.

Use Proper Temperature to Flat Iron Hair

First and foremost, apply heat protector throughout your hair. Make sure your hair is dried thoroughly before you use a flat iron on it. Also, do not straighten your hair if you have just applied hairspray. Next, set your iron to the right temperature. If you hair is fine set it around 250F. If your hair is course, set your iron to around 350F. The finer your hair is, the lower the temperature. To avoid maximum damage, do not hold your iron on a strand of hair for more than 20 seconds at a time. Release the hair and let it cool down before you go over it again.

Use a Ceramic Flat Iron

Do not rub the iron in an up and down motion; it promotes split ends and is not healthy for your hair. Use a good quality ceramic flat iron. Ceramic flat irons produce gentle, infrared ionic heat that won't destroy your hair and can help repair damaged follicles. Try to avoid using the flat iron every day. Remember to moisturize and condition your hair as much as possible.

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