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Video:How to Apply a Clay Face Mask

with Ren Allen

Learning how to make and apply a clay face mask is a good DIY skincare project to do at home. Here, see great tips and instructions for how to make a clay face mask on your own.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Apply a Clay Face Mask

Hi! My name is Ren Allen with Faces by Ren professional makeup artistry and today I am going to show you how to make a homemade clay mask that will deeply exfoliate and refine your skin.

Ingredients for Making a Clay Face Mask

So let's get started. This clay mask requires two tablespoons of bentonite clay; get the clay at any local health food supply store usually or sometimes beauty supply stores would carry various brands of bentonite clay. Our avocado, what you do is slice it lengthwise all the way around and you will feel the knife hit the pit and you are just going to pull them apart and you can just pull the pit out and scoop your tablespoon right out of there.

And then you just want to get the avocado a little bit smashed up, and I am using a mortar and pestle, but a fork on a small plate or bowl would work just as well. Then you are going to scoop that right into your clay and then for your oats, what you want to do is grind them in a coffee grinder and we want it fine like a powder. This is very fine. About a teaspoon of the oat powder; you want a teaspoon of honey. I like using raw local honey; it still has all the vitamins and minerals intact. Now we're going to add a teaspoon of oil. You could use olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil. Today I chose castor oil just for its amazing therapeutic qualities for hair and skin. So grab a teaspoon and then I want to add 3 or 4 drops of essential oil. Again, you can choose your favorite essential oil; I chose lavender with the intention of it being antiseptic, antimicrobial, just 3 or 4 drops. Last but not least, we're going to add some mineral water. Get some good quality mineral water. This does help nourish the skin as well. I am going to do two tablespoons of this and if the bentonite clay absorbs too much of the mineral water you can always add a little bit more so it just for thickness and that is our clay mask ready for application.

Applying a Clay Face Mask to the Skin

I am using the makeup brush to apply this mask; it's nice and thick so there's no chance of it dripping. It's a very easy mask to apply. The bentonite clay is going to help remove the impurities off of her skin. Just evenly apply mask across the face avoiding the eye area. If you put this in a jar and store up it in the fridge, you can probably get a couple of days out of it, no more than two to three because the avocado will start to lose all of its potency.

After Applying the Clay Face Mask

Then after you get it evenly applied, just let that set for out 15 minutes. I have a warm, wet, wash cloth here. This is very thick so you probably have to rinse this a few times and a gentle exfoliation is also good for the skin, and that's how you make a clay mask of some luxurious ingredients right at home.
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