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Video:How to Apply Natural Makeup

with Tricia Mann

Apply natural-looking makeup with these simple techniques. This video guides you through each step from skin preparation to eye makeup for easy, flawless natural-looking makeup results.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Apply Natural Makeup

Hi, my name is Tricia Mann with and today we are going to talk for How to Apply Natural Makeup. I will demonstrate the essential application techniques on my model Keeley so you can apply your own makeup flawlessly.

Apply Foundation to Match Your Natural Complexion

Starting off with a clean face, blot any excess oil off the skin. I am going to use an oil blotting paper. What this is going to do is help your makeup adhere better to the skin better. Next, Use a foundation primer. A foundation primer is actually going to smooth out the skin to refine any pores and imperfections. You going to take two pumps in your hand and your going to apply this all over the face using a patting motion. Next I am using a foundation color matched for our models skin type. I am using a foundation sponge, but you can also use a foundation brush. Whenever you apply foundation you want to use light, almost circular, feather strokes.

Use Concealer Makeup to Cover Imperfections

Now that we have applied the foundation, I am going to apply the concealer. I am using a concealer palette that actually has different tones of concealer to cover different types of imperfections. For example, this green concealer is designed to cover redness in the skin. So were lightly applying that under the eye area and I always say less is more. You can always add more, but it is a lot harder to take it away.

Highlight Cheeks, Eyes and Lips for a Natural Look

We are going to use peachy blush on the cheeks. Peach blushes tend to look most natural on all skin types. Were using a smaller, kind of fluffy brush to apply that.

So, now its time for your eye shadow. I actually am using a very light vanilla color. The way to apply is with a flat brush, tapping off any excess product. You want to lightly pat that into the eye to pack on that color.Now were using an eye pencil, which has been sharpened to draw our eyeliner on. This is a brown color, which is going to compliment any eye color. Again, apply using light feathery strokes. Now were going to apply our mascara.

Last were going to apply a light tinted chap stick. This is a nice natural color, which is going to enhance the tone of her already beautiful lips.

And that’s how to apply how to apply natural makeup. Thanks for watching! To learn more, visit us on the web at
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