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Video:How to Add Body to Long Hair

with Anne Marie Lusby

Add body to long hair for a sultry, chic look with minimal effort. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to add body to long hair at home.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Add Body to Long Hair

Hi, I'm Anne Marie, whether it's your prom, or wedding, or just a desire to change things up, adding body to long straight hair can call attention to your face in a whole new way. Here are some tips for adding some voluminous kick to your hair.

Use Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner to Add Body to Long Hair

When adding volume to your hair you always want to start out by using a shampoo and conditioner. There are a number of volume adding varieties on the market designed to give your hair extra body.But if your going for added bounce at the base of your hair, then you will want avoid massaging conditioner into your roots, as doing so can weigh your hairs down and make your hair look flat.

Focus Blow Dryer on Roots to Add Body to Hair

When it comes to the drying of your hair, drop your head down letting your hair hang away from your head, and use the blow drier focusing heat onto the roots.

If you want to go all out you can give your hair kick by teasing it. To this do this simply hold your hair up and out at two or three inches away from your scalp. Then you want to swiftly run a comb back and forth through it, like so. Though keep in mind, it's not a good idea to tease your hair every day, as doing so can damage your hair strains over time. Once done teasing your hair, ensure it keeps its bounce with a touch of hair spray at the base.

Tips for Adding Body to Long Hair on a Round Face

Now if you want to add body to your long hair and you have a relatively round face, then you want to be careful that you don't add the appearance of width to your face. To do this you can use a curling iron but avoid adding body to the hair that frames your face. The trick is to make curls and waves that start below your lip line. Once you've acquired the waves you want, give them some perseverance with a touch of hair spray.

We hope these tips help you get the most from your and look your best, whatever the occasion. For other key styling tips, check out more at

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