Hairstyles for Square Faces - Do's and Don'ts of Shoulder-Length Hair and Square Faces Video
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Video:Do's and Don'ts of Shoulder-Length Hair and Square Faces

with Laura Kiorkis

Like all face shapes, square faces look best with particular hairstyles. Here are some tips for creating the perfect hairstyle for your square face.See Transcript

Transcript:Do's and Don'ts of Shoulder-Length Hair and Square Faces

Hi! I'm Laura Kiorkis, owner of Gemini of Chicago Hair Salon in Peoria, Arizona. Today, I'm going to talk to you about the do's and don'ts for shoulder-length hair on square faces.

Measure to Find Out if You Have a Square Face

Gina is a great example of a square face shape. We've determined her face shape by measuring with a tape measure and figuring that the width at the forehead is the same as the width at the jaw line. The most flattering shape in Gina's haircut is going to be to create softness around the jaw line and minimal height at the crown, so as not to intensify the squareness of the face and to create some volume at the sides. We've sectioned the hair into eight sections to achieve proper cutting and control.

Cut Layers Into Shoulder-Length Hair

We're going to start in the back two sections and establish the length. Once we've established the length, we'll bring down the next two back sections and establish the length further. You'll want to cut medium to short layers in the crown, gradually getting longer towards the face. After you've cut the layers in the back crown area, you'll want to incorporate the sides by making them travel to the back area behind the ear in the previous cut section.

Style Bangs Around Square Face

You'll then want to comb all the hair forward and frame the face by point-cutting the hair around here, starting at the part line. When cutting bangs for a square face shape, you want to section the hair from temple to temple an inch behind the hairline in a half moon shape. To create the most flattering hairstyle for a square face shape, we're going to create softness throughout the look by doing a classic blowout.

Products to Use in Shoulder-Length Hair

The products we're going to use to create the softness in Gina's hairstyle are volumizing root lifter for the sides of the hair, and bodifying mousse throughout to create shape and wave during the blowout. We'll also use a one inch round brush for styling. While we are blow drying the hair, we will create bend, polish, and shine. We'll also use a one inch round brush to create a lot of curl at the ends, while also polishing and smoothing the hair for a nice balanced blowout.

Finish Hairstyle for Square Face

For styling, you'll want to spray in a root lifter for a little bit of volume and put in a mousse for body and softness throughout the ends. Using a small round brush, you'll go section by section, blow drying the hair, adding a lot of curl and body while you polish that hair. You'll twist your brush out to maintain all the curl you've put in to create a soft look on a square face shape. You'll want to make sure that you finish the style with the flexible hold hairspray to maintain the shine and the body of the look throughout the day. These are your top do's and don'ts for shoulder length hair on a square faced shape.
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