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Video:Blow Dry Hair Like a Stylist

with Tesa Peltz

Want to get the perfect blow out that your hair stylist so effortlessly leaves you with after an appointment at the salon? Learn the tricks to blow drying your hair like a pro.See Transcript

Transcript:Blow Dry Hair Like a Stylist

Hi, I'm Tesa Peltz from the Mark Garrison Salon in New York City for Style. Today I'm going to show you how to blow dry your hair like a professional.

Supplies Needed to Blow Out Hair

To properly blow dry your hair, you will need brushes, a hair clip, and a blow dryer with a nozzle.

Blow Dry the Hair

To blow dry your hair at home, you always want to start in the bang area, using a brush the length of the hair. So taking this hair, it wraps around the brush one entire time. When the hair is longer you go to a larger brush. Over direct the hair, wrapping it around the brush, drying the root area to create lift and volume. Hold the brush to let that area cool, and then follow your hair all the way to the end of the brush.

Using a larger brush on the bottom of the head, follow the hair all the way through to the ends. When you come to the next section, again start at the top of the head, working all the way down and all the way around to finish the blow dry. And that's how you blow dry your hair.

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