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Video:Best Haircuts for Square Faces Over 50

with Corene Camp

Want to learn about the best haircuts for people with square faces over 50 years old? This video will show you all of the "do's" for a square face hair style.See Transcript

Transcript:Best Haircuts for Square Faces Over 50

Hi I am Corene Camp Professional Hairstylist in Ft. Worth Texas, with About.com here today I will show you how to create a haircut for a square face woman over 50.

Tips for Haircuts for Square Faces Over 50

A really strong jaw line determines a square face, and she has a strong jaw line with very little roundness at the chin. The best haircuts for a square face woman over 50, is a short haircut with volume above the jaw line or a longer cut with volume just below the jaw line. With a short haircut we want to disguise the sharpness of the jawline, for this we will add a lot of height, right above it, and at the temples to round it out. Also, with a narrow forehead and strong jaw line, we want a textured or fringed, straight across bang to widen the face.

Haircut Ideas for Square Faces Over 50

A great haircut for a square face woman over 50, we want a lot of layers towards the top nothing too straight and long that would weigh the hair down. Leave a little length beyond the hairline give a wispy look and give a little weight behind the jawline to soften the face. A light wispy bang and some volume at crown will give a fun look with being too edgy.

Things to Remember When Getting Haircut to Complement a Square Face

So remember, with a square face don't be afraid of a little more volume at the sides and the top, add more layering around the cut, and play with a short fringy bang, and leave a little length in the back.

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