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Video:Best Haircuts for Oval Faces Over 50

with Corene Camp

Want to learn about the best haircuts for oval faces over 50? Here, see helpful tip for creating the best look.See Transcript

Transcript:Best Haircuts for Oval Faces Over 50

Hi I'm professional hairstylist Corene Camp from Fort Worth, Texas here today for to show you how to get the best haircut for oval faces over 50 years old.

Tools for Doing Haircuts for Oval Faces Over 50

To tools you will needs are:

  • Cutting Shears
  • Comb
  • Flat Iron
  • Blow Dryer
  • and Round Brush

Tips for Haircuts for Oval Faces Over 50

With an oval face the cheekbones are wider than the temples and the jaw line with a slight roundness at the jawline toward the chin. One of the best haircuts for an oval face for women over 50 would be shoulder length, maybe a little shorter, with a light layering on the sides, something that is very classic but still can be styled many different ways. With this haircut, especially with curly texture it is best to do this haircut on freshly shampoo or damp hair.

More Tips for Haircuts for Oval Faces Over 50

After cutting to the appropriate length, we will then determine where we want to start to cut the layers. Someone with an oval face can wear almost any style, you are limitless as to where to start cutting layers, but for a woman over 50 we want a softer look, so start the layers just a couple of inches above the length.

To start the layers we will take our first section at the back of the crown, comb the section straight out at a 45 degree angle, only taking a couple inches off the length to start our layers, we will then trim off that length, and when that is complete we will move on to the section right next to it, by taking half our section for a guide, then work around to the front of the head and back around through the other section. Now we are ready to style with the round brush.

For a quick style for this haircut since we have a lot of natural curl, we will use a smaller round brush to give us almost a curling iron curled look. After blow drying we can go through and define our curl and smooth it down, and if some parts are not as smooth as you would like it to be, you can run the flat or curling iron through the hair.

This is how you achieve the best haircut for oval faces for women over 50, featuring short soft layers and a little light tapering.

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