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Video:Apply Foundation with a Sponge

with Kacie Marie

Applying foundation with a sponge is a clean and effective way to achieve a flawless skin complexion. Watch this video for tips on how to apply foundation with a sponge.See Transcript

Transcript:Apply Foundation with a Sponge

Hello I’m Kacie Marie this is and today I’m gonna show you how to use a sponge for foundation application. Today we’re gonna use our sponge with liquid foundation. But you could always use mineral or cream foundation. Whatever works for you.

Use a Small Amount of Foundation on the Sponge

We’re gonna put our foundation right onto our sponge not using too much. Just a little bit. We wanna work in small doses. So put a little bit of foundation on the sponge and I like to rub it in with my finger so then it’s a little more even when I apply it. When we’re applying to our skin we want to work in nice slow soft circles. You want to be sensitive to your skin. So around the cheeks you can work in circles just nice smooth strokes following the contours of your face getting a little bit more each time.

Sponges Help Reduce Excess Oil on the Face

The reason a sponge is better than using your fingers is it reduces blemishes because if your touching your face you’re transferring the oil from your fingers. You wanna make sure you’re nice and light with it on your forehead because that’s where the oil mostly collects on your face. So nice strokes following your face. Right around the nose. Put a little on your lips if you like. That’ll actually help your lipsticks to stay a little longer. Nice fresh canvas. You can follow your face down your chin and onto your neck. For more foundation spread it in with your finger. When you get to your eyes you wanna be nice and sensitive around them filling in those darker circles.

You don’t want to overflow your sponge because then when you apply it to your face it’s gonna be very blotchy and thick. The goal is to be nice and smooth and natural. I recommend using the sponge for liquid and cream foundation. If you’re gonna use a powder use it with a brush or the pad that it comes with.

Wash Foundation Sponges and Reuse on More Applications

Sponges are inexpensive and you can find them a t any drugstore or cosmetic store. But I know that using them everyday can really add up so you always have the option of washing them. You just need some hot water and some soap. You must make sure that you wash them thoroughly. That way it reduces the chance of blemishes and any sort of bacteria that might be living on the sponge. Using a sponge is easy and can help you to have that nice smooth looking fresh skin.

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