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Video:5 No-Fuss Shoulder-Length Hairstyles

with Laura Kiorkis

No-fuss shoulder-length hairstyles are a busy woman's dream: they take no time at all, but look elegant and stylish. Here are five no-fuss hairstyles to try.See Transcript

Transcript:5 No-Fuss Shoulder-Length Hairstyles

Hi, I'm Laura Kiorkis, owner of Gemini of Chicago Hair Salon in Peoria, Arizona. Today I'm going to show you the top tips for five no-fuss shoulder-length hairstyles.

No-Fuss Half-Up Half-Down Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

For a no-fuss half-up half-down look we're simply going to pin the sides back to create the illusion that is half up and half down. You'll want to section out a piece of hair about two inches with your comb, you'll back-comb or tease the hair underneath this section to create a point where you will put your pins in place.

You'll then pull that section of hair back and place your pin in the area you've back-combed. You'll then place another pin crisscrossing the first pin, to secure the section you've just held in place. You'll then repeat the same process on the other side. After you've pinned both sides in place you'll use the hair that has been left loose at the crown to just cover those pins that you've set. This style suits any texture of hair.

No-Fuss Beach Waves for a Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

For no-fuss beach waves, you'll want to use a texturizing spray on down here, and scrunch it in to create an enhancement of any natural existing wave. You'll want to diffuse the hair on a medium or low heat setting at a low speed while scrunching the hair with your hand, making sure to enhance those curls as you go along. You'll then use the curling iron to enhance any waves around the face. This style suits wavy hair the best.

No-Fuss Romantic Curls for a Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

The tools you'll need to create no-fuss romantic curls are a tail-comb, clips, a one-inch barrel curling iron, a thermal spray, a setting spray, and a finishing spray.

Starting at the part line, you'll section up a piece of hair and spray on a thermal protecting spray as well as a setting spray. You'll then use your curling iron starting at the middle of the hair strand, wrapping that hair throughout until you reach the ends and then setting the curl in place. You'll then continue to your next section, repeating the same process but alternating direction.

You'll then want to leave the curls in place, until they've set and cooled off for just a few minutes. You'll then undo the curls and brush them out to create softness and breakup the curl. This style works best for straight hair.

No-Fuss Ponytail for Shoulder-Length Hair

The tools you'll need to create a no-fuss ponytail are simply a ponytail holder that has no metal and casing around any of the ends. You'll want to start by loosely gathering the hair at the nape of the head.

You'll want to leave out any hair that's at the bang area or around the face that frames it to leave it looking soft. You'll then want to wrap the hair with your ponytail holder and secure it in place. This style suits any texture of hair.

No-Fuss Smooth and Straight Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

For a no-fuss smooth and straight look, a paddle brush and a blow-dryer will straighten the hair out. In sections with your paddle brush straighten out the hair as you're drying it with the blow-dryer in a downward motion. This style works best for straight hair.

And those are your top tips for five no-fuss shoulder-length hair styles.
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