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Video:Tips for Stringing Beads

with Esther Esses

Stringing beads is not as simple as it may seem. Whether you're experienced or just learning how to bead, watch these video tips from to see how it's done.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Stringing Beads

Hi, I'm Esther Esses. Vice President of the bead society of greater New York. I'm here for to share with you some tips on stringing beads.

Notes About Stringing Beads

In stringing beads its very important to match the thread to the bead. If you're using a heavy or large hole bead, you would want to use c-lon thread, #18 upholstery thread, or wire. The wire would be more appropriate for a heavy bead, such as this. One of the items that are required in bead work are beading needles. This particular needle is a size 10 which will fit through many of the bead sizes that you would more than likely use.

Basics About Stringing Beads

One of the ways to work with the heavier thread is to use a big-eye needle. As you can see the while center of the needle is an eye so you can put the thread anywhere and both ends of it can be used as the needle. Open it in the center, put the thread through it, cut the length you need and then bringing it through the bead like so. In connection with using wire, I'm going to finish up a necklace I'm working on and I don't need to use a needle, since the wire is stiff enough. I'm going to use a bead stopper to hold it in place, until I'm ready to finish it.

Beads and Stringing

In connection with working with lighter weight beads, such as Czech fire-polished beads or seed beads, you want to use a lighter threat and one of the threads is Nymo, but Nymo should be waxed first. It gives the thread strength and bulk and it is less likely to tangle. Simply cut-off the length that you need, hold it against the wax, this is bees wax and just simply pull it across. In order to prevent the beads from falling off the thread, you can use any kind of bead which is called a stopper-bead, and the way you do it is you put the bead on, and go back into the bead, pull it tight and then put your beads on.

Working With Beads

One way of working with the beads is simply to bring the needle to the bead rather than bringing the bead to the needle. And when you're ready to finish you simply just slide it off. One last technique we can talk about is pearl knotting. You string all the beads on the thread, no matter what the length is, and you take the first bead bring it to the back then to the front, cris-crossing again to the back bringing the bead into the loop from the back and placing it down. You take the t-pin, bring it under the loop, hold the strand with your non-dominant hand, and the t-pin in your right. Go back with your left and forward with your right in one motion, leaving the t-pin in. You separate the threads, loop it once around each finger, slide the pin out and tighten it, no more than twice because you can break the thread. And those are just a few tips on stringing beads.

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