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Video:How to Make a Tila Bead Bracelet

with Carley Mostar

Tila beads can be used for any number of beautiful pieces of jewelry, including bracelets. This video from will show you one method for making a tila bead bracelet.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Tila Bead Bracelet

Hello, my name is Ana Pizarro of Caravan Beads of Chicago, here for Today I'll be showing you how to make a tile bead bracelet.

Tila Bead Bracelet Supplies

For the tila bead bracelet, we're going to be using:

  • 3mm Swarovski crystals
  • Tila beads
  • Cylinder shaped size 11 beads
  • FireLine thread
  • A toggle clasp
  • Nymo thread
  • A size 12 beading needle
  • Scissors

Beginning the Bracelet

For this project, we're going to use FireLine. To do a brick stitch, you want to start by stringing one tila bead. Go down through the hole, and go back through the tila bead. I'm going towards me one more time. To add your next bead, go through the opposite side, and help your bead sit next to the previous tila bead. Continue this pattern until you have about six inches of length.

Attaching the Toggle Clasp

We're ready to attach out clasp on this side. Go ahead and string four little delica beads and one crystal. String your toggle clasp. What you'll do next is you'll go back into the crystal, pull your thread, and you will have half the side for the loop for your toggle clasp. So you can see we need four more on this other side and I'm stringing those four delica beads.

Go through the other side of the same tila bead. Now we're ready to add our embellishment. String one cylinder bead, one 3 mm crystal, and one more cylinder bead. Go through the very next hole of your tila bead. Go up through the very next hole of your next tila bead. Repeat this pattern until you have the whole length of embellishment on this one side. Flip the bracelet over that way you can start from the same side one more time. Just go down through the next hole of your next tila bead.

Keep adding the same type of beads until you have finished the bracelet. What I will do is find a spot to start making some of my knots. You want to go underneath the thread, in between the beads, and pull it until you kind of make a little loop, then go through the loop, and slowly pull it. And use your scissors to cut.

Finishing the Tila Bead Bracelet

The only thing that we have left is to add the next part of the toggle. And let's add four delica beads, one 3mm crystal, and the other side of the toggle. Go back into the share bead, which is the crystal. And as you can see, we still need four more beads to complete our loop. String four more delica beads and go through the other side of the tila bead. Don't forget to make at least 5 half hitch knots in different spots. Make sure you pull the thread and cut it as you're pulling it. We have now finished our tila bead bracelet.

As you can see, there are so many ways to make a tila bead bracelet. For more patterns, visit us on the web at

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