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Video:How to Make a Flat Spiral Bracelet

with Angela Morgan

A flat spiral bracelet is a beautiful piece of beaded jewelry. Watch this how-to video from for the steps and instructions to make a flat spiral bracelet.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Flat Spiral Bracelet

Hi, this is Angela with, coming to you from Beads by Design, in Atlanta, Georgia, and today I am going to teach you how to make a flat spiral bracelet.

Supplies Needed for a Flat Spiral Bracelet

To make this bracelet, you will need:

  • 23 glass or Swarovski bicones 8 mm in red
  • 23 glass or Swarovski bicones 8 mm in blue
  • 58  glass or Swarovski bicones 10 mm
  • 7 grams 11/0 blue seed beads
  • 7 grams 11/0 red seed beads
  • 6 lb. or Size D white beading thread
  • thread conditioner
  •  a clasp
  • a size 12 needle
  • cutting tool

Start the Flat Spiral Bracelet

First organize your beads on your bead board. Then, thread your needle. Thread needle through an 11/0 seed beed and then thread back up through the bead, and pull it tight. Add two large beads and push them all the way down. Add 4 seed beads, an 8 mm bicone, then four more seed needs all in the same color. Pull it tight. Thread your needle through the two large beads, and pull it tight. Now go into your other color and add seed beads, then 1 8 mm bicone, and four more seed beads. Thread the needle through the two large beads and pull tight. Add another large bead, and repeat the same process with your first colored beads. Thread your needle through the two latest large beads. Repeat again with the other color, and pull tight. Repeat this same process until you have met your length.

Finish the Flat Spiral Bracelet

Now add a seed bead and run the thread through it a second time. Add seven seed beads and then string through the clasp. Add seven more seed beads. Then pass through the first large bead. Thread the the side of the spiral and create a knot. Pull tight. Do this twice to secure. Cut the remaining thread off. Repeat the same process to attach the other end of the clasp. 

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