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Video:How to Attach a Jewelry Clasp to a Necklace

with Esther Esses

Attaching a jewelry clasp to a necklace is an easy process if you know how to do it properly. Watch this video from to see instructions for attaching the clasp.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Attach a Jewelry Clasp to a Necklace

Hi, my name is Esther Esses. I'm Vice President of the bead society of greater New York. I'm here today for and I'm going to share some tips on how to attach a clasp.

Information About Attaching a Jewelry Clasp to a Necklace

As with beads there is a huge variety of clasps. The smaller clasps could be used for bracelets, as well as necklaces, and of course the larger ones would be used in a necklace. It depends on the size of the bead you're using and the total look of the necklace that you want to create.

Instructions for Attaching a Jewelry Clasp to a Necklace

This particular clasp is a basic clasp, its called the lobster clasp. It comes in a variety of sized and finishes. Another basic type of clasp is the toggle clasp. This too comes in many shapes and embellishments. Here we have the snap clasp, some bead stores refer to them as ball and socket clasps. Now I'm going to show you how to attach a clasp on a necklace that I've been working on. For this particular necklace I'm using an "S" type clasp, which has a little stone in the center with a design on it. I have out a bead stopper on the end so that the beads don't come off the wire. I take it off, and the first thing I do is to put a crimp bead on.

More Steps for Attaching a Jewelry Clasp to a Necklace

Then I will take the wire and put it through the other end of the clasp and at this point I will separate the clasp. The clasp should not be separated until you're actually ready to finish it off and have the second part of the clasp anchored on the thread. So now that I have the wire through the second part of the clasp, I'm going to bring it back through the crimp, then I will feed it back through the beads and I will bring it back through one more bead. Now what I need to do is pull it tighter so I will take my chain-nose pliers and catch the end of the wire and hold the end of the clasp, and pull it tight, leaving a little bit of room between the crimp and the clasp.

Finishing Up Attaching a Jewelry Clasp to a Necklace

Once I have it tight, I take my crimper, put it in the center groove, gently squeeze the crimper, turn it slightly, put it in the first groove of the crimper and squeeze gently, now I have it on and then I take my cutter and trim off the excess wire. And there I have the clasp on my necklace. You would attach a clasp on a bracelet in the same manner as a necklace.

And those are just a few tips on how to attach a clasp. For further information please go to

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