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Video:All About Beading Needles

with Melissa Shippee

Beading needles come in all varieties of sizes, sharpness, and width. Learn all about the different types of beading needles and which work best for certain projects in this beading video from Transcript

Transcript:All About Beading Needles

Hi, I'm Melissa Shippee, owner of MGS Designs. I'm here today with to talk about different beading needles.

What does a Beading Needle Look Like?

There are lots of different kinds of beading needles. A beading needle is specifically a needle with a very small opening for the thread to go, so that the whole needle and the thread can fit through the very tiny holes in beads. There are short beading needles and long beading needles. The most common beading needles are size 10 to size 15. The higher the number, the smaller the needle.

There are also two different types of points on beading needles. There's a sharp point and a ball point. A sharp point is specifically getting through tougher materials like leather, and a ballpoint is something that can be used for regular bead weaving.

What is a Good All-Purpose Beading Needle?

A good all purpose size beading needle is a size 12 beading needle. I especially like to use these when doing beaded bezels because they are big enough to handle the larger beads but they can also stitch through the smaller size 15/0 seed beads used in the bezel.


What is a Good Needle for Small Beads?

Size 13/0 and 15/0 beading needles are great for working with the smallest of seed beads, including Czech size 15/0 seed beads, which are used often when creating beaded bezels.


What is a Good Needle for Embroidery?

Short sharp needles are great choice when doing bead embroidery. Their sharpness allows them to easily get through the bead embroidery surface. And their short stature keeps them from breaking as easily as longer needles.

Those are the basics of beading needles. Thank you for watching. To learn more, please visit

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