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Video:Quick Tips: How to Trim and Clean Pork Ribs

with Kenneth Nickle

Want to learn how to best trim and clean pork ribs? This video will show you how to do it on your own.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tips: How to Trim and Clean Pork Ribs

Hi my name is Kenneth Nickle pit master for Kansas City, today I am going to show you a quick tip for how to trim and clean your pork ribs for About.com.

Information About Trimming and Cleaning Pork Ribs

When you flip you spare rib over you will notice there is a flap. We are going to go ahead and trim that right off of there. We are going to go ahead and trim the excess fat.

Instructions for Trimming and Cleaning Pork Ribs

Try not to score the meat too much because you do not want the air pockets in there. Once you get the fat off of the backside. Trim the membrane out. You can get it started with your knife. You can get your finger in there you can peel that membrane right off there. Keep all these bones they already nice and straight. We are just going to make a cut straight down. You can save this piece for a rib tip.

Last Step for Trimming and Cleaning Pork Ribs

The last step in, cut off the shot ends, you are squaring them up. There you go. We are giving them a quick rinse to get that film off of them. Pat them dry with a paper towel. Remember to keep your raw meat and utensils separate from your cooked meat and utensils.

Thank you for watching for more information on how to clean and trim your pork ribs check us out on the web at About.com.

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