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Video:Perfect Grill Marks

with John Mitzewich

By using a simple trick called "10-and-2," you can get perfect grill marks worthy of any magazine cover.See Transcript

Transcript:Perfect Grill Marks

Hi, I'm Chef John Mitzewich for Today I’m going to show you how to get those perfect, professional grill marks. We’re going to use a technique you may remember from driver's ed. That's right, the old 10-and-2 trick.

Make Sure Meat Is Dry

Make sure your meat is dry, so pat with paper towels. Wet meat sticks to grills, and also I like to lightly oil the meat. There aren't many clock hand-shaped foods, so I'm going to use this pointy end of the chicken as my clock hand, and the pointy end of the steak.

Place Meet on the Grill

Basically, you just have to pick a spot. When you put it on the grill, picture an imaginary clock face. Put the pointy end of the chicken towards 10 o'clock. Let it sear for 2 minutes and then turn it so the pointy end is at 2 o'clock. So 10 and 2 -- we start off at 10 and rotate to 2.

Rotate Meet on the Grill

That's going to give us those perfect grill marks, the diagonal crosshatches that you see on the magazine covers. By the way, this is NOT and exact science. If it's 10:15 to 2:07, it will still work!

I know what you're saying, will it work for steak? We're going to use the same technique. Put the pointy end of the steak towards 10 o'clock. Let it sear and then turn it so the pointy end is at 2 o'clock, just like the chicken breast.

Caramelizing Meat Improves Flavor

By the way, when we flip this over, you will notice that the first sear is much deeper than the second. That's just how it is for most red meats, steaks, etc. You'll notice these grill marks much better on light meats like chicken and pork, but do it anyway. Because not only are the marks for appearance, but that's the caramelized meat that gives you lots of flavor. So use the 10-and-2 trick even if it isn't as noticeable, as with the chicken breast.

Anyway, 10-and-2, this grilling season have the best grill marks in the neighborhood. I hope you give this a try. Enjoy!
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