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Video:How to Smoke Ribs

with David Klose

Smoking ribs creates an authentic barbeque flavor. Check out how to smoke ribs to barbeque just like a pitmaster.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Smoke Ribs

David Klose, owner of BBQ Pits by Klose in Houston, Texas. Today we are going to be introducing to you how to smoke ribs and we'll turn out some championship pride with a real winnable effort. I think you are going to be fascinated by the results.

Mix the Rib's Mustard Sauce

You are going to need a couple of cups of dark brown sugar, some Tabasco sauce, any wet mustard you can buy at the grocery store, a light beer. Next what you want to do is you want to just get you a spoon or whisk and get it about two minutes swirling around to kind of mix it altogether and then you can just put an icebox over the night.

Trim Ribs and Lather with Sauce

Then you take the ribs out of the package. You want to wipe them down to get all the blood off it, kind of kosher like it. You can rinse and furs and wipe them down with the dry paper towel.When you go in, you want to pull the silver skin off. The silver skin usually comes off pretty easy, especially if you defrost down the ribs. I wouldn't try frozen because it will really fight you quite a bit.

So when you are doing your pork ribs, put a bone up. I'll show you why to do that in a minute. What we are going to do is apply this mustard slightly that we did before. Be sure and put a generous coating on there. It didn't had to be absolutely uniform because it's going to get the flavor and it's going to allow the rub to adhere the meat and you are going to want to use a less rub.

You hit it with your pork seasoning about an eighth of an inch thick, you are going to uniform, you won't put too much on there because you wind up getting it too gritty.

Push Ribs Together Over Indirect Heat

Now the reason for the bone side up first is now your meat will be ready for presentation when you put it on the pit. Now we are at the pit, here is the part where you want it push it together. You can push the bones together and shorten them and that will allow it to get more tender and juicy, generally you have a hot spot of about eight inches by the fire box where the heat is coming in the pit.

You can actually use that to sear steaks, sear meat left and right like a couple of minutes on each side to move it over. You don't want to pierce it with a fork or cut on it because then your juices are just going to run out.

Cook Ribs Low and Slow

Now you've cooked your ribs at 250 degrees for about three to three-and-a-half hours. If you like the last half hour, you can base them with any store bought barbeque sauce flavor you like and about 20% honey and you are going to have a real nice flavor; just wipe it on there and let it cook for about 30 minutes to candy on there, gives it a beautiful presentation and color.

This has been your introduction into cooking barbeque pork ribs on a heavy pot smoker. I am David Klose, the BBQ Pits by Klose in Houston, Texas. I want to thank you all for watching.

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