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Video:How to Smoke Brisket

with David Klose

Learn how to smoke brisket like a pit-master so that you can enjoy homemade tender, juicy brisket. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to smoke brisket like the pros.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Smoke Brisket

Hi, I am David Klose, the owner of Barbecue Pits by Klose in Houston, Texas. We've been manufacturing barbecue pits for the world for the last 30 years. Today, we are going to be introducing you to how to select a brisket perfect for cooking and then cook it on a pit.

Create the Marinade for the Meat to Smoke Brisket

You are going to need a couple of cups of light or dark brown sugar, some Tabasco sauce, any wet mustard you can buy at the grocery store, a light beer. Next, what you want to do is you want to just get your spoon or whisk and get it about 2 minutes, it's kind of red, and kind of mix it all together and then you can just put it in an icebox over there.

Tips for Choosing a Brisket to Smoke

These are called like a packer cut. They have the deckle on; their folds are a lot flatter, or divided as a full brisket. It' usually about 7-10 pounds and what you want to do is you get the small end as thick as you can because that means you are going to have a more uniform meat. When you pick it, if you can roll it like a flag, that shows how really tender this thing is really going to be, and that's going to be moist.

Score the Meat and Apply the Marinade to Smoke Brisket

So I was really impressed with this one I got yesterday. You can score it, just about an inch or so and just go all the way down like that and then checker it, and just go on it light -- don't cut all the way into the meat because that will allow the rub to go in a little bit deeper, and then give it a nice pull when you take it off cooked.

I always put a light coating to rub on it. First, before I put the mustard sauce on, you always want to do the fat side down to start. Now, we are going to add the mustard sauce, and we put in the icebox, there is some gel just to add a light coating on it -- doesn't have to be real thick, but it will help hold over it and rub, and I am going to bigger the brush, the faster it goes, folks. Now, it's ready to go to the ice box.

We'll go ahead and put this in the zip lock bag there. That's ready to go in the pit or you can put it in the fridge overnight, let it marinate in, and then put it on the supper tomorrow.

Smoke Brisket Fat Side Up

Now, in your brisket, we took it out of the fridge, put on a little bit more seasoning to give it some uniformity, and this one, you are going to want to cook fat side up folks. I've seen a lot of arguments on the internet through the years about whether it should be fat up or down. If you do the fat side up in my opinion, it cooks better because as the fat melts, it will go down through the meat and help baste it, and keep it juicy and tender.

Smoke Brisket an Hour Per Pound

You want to do it about an hour a pound. So this is probably 11-pound brisket. It's going to go 11 hours, so we've prepped our fire, now we are ready to put it on the pit. Be sure to put it big side towards the fire because the deckle can take a lot more heat. This is about an 11-pounder, so once again you are going to cook it an hour a pound. You don't ever have to turn it or watch it.

So now we are ready to cook at about 250 degrees; you close off your smoker, and be sure and check your fire about an hour-and-a-half after you start, there's another half split log or some more charcoal. Then you want to check it about every hour-and-a-half after that.

Brush Barbecue Sauce on While Smoking Brisket

A good sauce you can make up is with just any barbeque sauce and about 20 percent honey. It's won a lot of the competitions in last 15-20 years. If you want to baste it on your brisket to give it some candy flavor or some fruit flavors things like that, then you can just brush it on for about the last 30 minutes. It's the same that you would do on chicken or ribs.

When you slice into that, it's just going to be unbelievably moist folks, you are really going to enjoy it. That's the beautiful brisket folks, falling apart. This has been your introduction into cooking brisket on a heavy pipe smoker. I am David Klose; the Barbecue Pits by Klose in Houston, Texas. I want to thank you all for watching.

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