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Video:How to Make Kansas City Ribs

with Kenneth Nickle

Want to learn how to make tasty Kansas City ribs at home? This video will show you step-by-step instructions for making these famous ribs on your own.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Kansas City Ribs

Hi, My name is Kenneth Nickle, I've been cooking barbecue in Kansas City for a little over ten years. I trained at BB's Lawn side, competed with the Nickle Boys team in Competitions all over Missouri, and right now I work at Fiorella's Jack Stack. Today I'm going to show you how to make Kansas City Ribs, for

Information About Kansas City Ribs

I've lived in Kansas City all my life and I love cooking barbecue, I do it for a living. And one thing that makes Kansas City barbecue different from the rest is the style and the type of wood that we use. We use Hickory from the Ozark Mountains just south of Kansas City. We generally cook at a cooking temperature of 250 degrees. As far as the type of BBQ sauce that we use, it's generally a little thicker than most and has a sweeter, spicier sauce. Some of them have a little tang to them.

Cutting and Cooking the Meat for Kansas City Ribs

As far as what type of cut to use or what type of meat to use, it really doesn't matter. Just remember that in Kansas City we use hickory and we slow cook or ribs. We throw them on the smoker, cooking at about 250 degrees, cooking for 4 to 6 hours. When I'm cooking meat in Kansas City, I always have a spray bottle of apple juice handy. It helps keep the meat moist and I'm constantly spraying apple juice on the meat. Usually when the ribs reach a temperature of about 165 degrees I like to keep a close eye on them. For tenderness and when they are done. The correct temperature for a done rib is 185 degrees. That will give them that true tender bit through taste that we all like.

Checking Tenderness of Ribs

One way to check for tenderness is that meat separation from the bone. You can stick your finger between the bones and check for that tenderness, if they feel a little tough you're going to need to let them cook a little longer. When the ribs are done, I like to put a little bit of BBQ sauce on them and let them cook for another ten to fifteen minutes, pull them out and let them rest for a little bit. I cut them up and serve them with baked beans, potato salad, maccaroni salad or whatever your favorite side dish is. And I always serve them with pickle chips.

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