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Video:How to Cook BBQ Ribs in an Oven

with Tucker Keatley

Ribs are delicious right out of the oven. Here are some tips for cooking fall-off-the-bone ribs in the oven.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Cook BBQ Ribs in an Oven

Hi, I am Tucker Keatley, barbeque enthusiast here in Kansas City for and we are going to talk about cooking barbeque ribs in an oven.

Tools for Oven BBQ Ribs:

You will need some dry rub which you can buy either at your local store or you can make with recipes from You will also need some of your favorite local barbeque sauce. You will also need to pairs of tongs, if you don’t have two pairs of tongs one pair of tongs and a spatula will do, those ribs will get pretty hot. At the end you will need to cut all of those up, you will need a regular old cooking knife.

You will also need a brush to apply barbeque sauce, if you don’t have a brush a spoon will do just fine. You will also need some tin foil which is really essential when cooking ribs in an oven, because it can get really messy and it traps the heat in the sauce in with the ribs and makes it really tasty. You are also going to need a tray on which to cook the ribs. For safety’s sake you will also need some oven mitts so you don’t get burned.

Spread Rub on Ribs

We have some baby back ribs here from a local butcher. We are going to put rub on it first. You can either put rub on it or just sauce, we are going to do both. You need to get really deep and dirty. Even though there is not as much meat on the inside it is always nice to have a little bit of rub down there too. We are going to use some local sauce, and for the oven you are going to want to put the ribs in some foil to have them cook in their own juices and keep them saucy.

Cook Ribs Low and Slow

For fall off the bone ribs we are going to do 200 degrees for four hours. You can cook it faster at a higher temperature, but the meat will be tougher, closer to steak, the faster you cook it.I am going to go ahead and check the ribs and add some sauce. I like to do this four or five times, basically once an hour. You are going to want to check the ribs often especially towards the end, and you are going to always reapply the sauce.

You may have noticed I flipped the ribs. I like to do this once every hour, because grease accumulates at the bottom. I also like to add more sauce because the sauce can become a little bit diluted with the grease, and it adds to the flavor basically the more that you add the better it tastes.It has been about four hours now, let’s check on our ribs. It smells good! I am going to cut into them, and make sure they are cooked all the way through. Let’s take a look here. Ah, it is perfect these are ready to eat.

Thanks for watching, for more tips and tricks on making ribs in an oven check us out on the web at

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