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Video:How To Truss A Chicken

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Trussing a Chicken is one of the first steps to getting a perfectly roasted bird. Get some helpful tips on how to get started.See Transcript

Transcript:How To Truss A Chicken

I'm Josh Kroner, chef and owner of Terrapin Restaurant, in Rhinebeck New York.  I'm here for to show you how to truss chicken. 

Why Truss a Chicken?

So when we truss the chicken, everything is going to come together and can make almost like a ball. What that’s going to do is going to make a nice even cooking process of the chicken which is extremely important. You're going to get a nice moist breast, crisp legs on the outside which is what you are really looking for.

Now the second reason that you are going to want to truss the chicken is that a lot of people are going to want to stuff the inside of the cavity of the chicken. And when you truss it, you're going to keep everything in tight and that's what important to you. You don't want your vegetables or your stuffing, a lemon you might want to throw in there falling out.

Getting Started

Okay to start now, you are going to need a piece of butcher's twine that's 5 feet long and of course, you need a chicken. We have our chicken here. Now you want to turn the chicken so the legs are away from you.

Take your string.  Now put your string right underneath the outside for the fine meet of the drumstick. Pull it up and then make an X and then loop it back around up underneath the tips of drumstick. Cross it over again, pull the legs together and then run the string back over the drumsticks.

Finish it Up

At this point, you're going to flip the bird over.  Now the important thing here is that you want to anchor it underneath and then you're going to get up under the neck.  Then you can pull it tight.  Now I like to wrap it around 3 times.  In that way, it will sense real tight and pull it. I can tie it one more time and lock it in place.  Now we got some extra string, just cut it off with a knife.  Your bird is nice and tight.

You want to hold your wing tips under like that, which also gives a nice base for you to roast on because it’s going to be nice and flat.  Got a tight little package here and that’s what you want when you roast a chicken. So this chicken now with wing tips tucked under, a very nice flat base. 

The legs tied tightly together that seals the inside of the bird from anything coming out and also provides a nice almost round chicken which is going to cook real evenly and make a delicious bird for you to eat. 

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