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Video:BBQ Chicken Wings

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BBQ Chicken Wings are a favorite dish at any barbecue. Fire up the grill and take in some helpful hints to shine at your next BBQ.See Transcript

Transcript:BBQ Chicken Wings

I'm Josh Kroner, chef and owner of Terrapin Restaurant, in Rhinebeck New York.  I'm here for to show you how to barbeque chicken wings on a gas grill. 

Initial Preperations

First thing that we want to do is get our gas grill heated up and ready to go.  So turn that all the way up.  All I usually use to season the wings to start with is a little salt, fresh ground pepper, and I'm going to take some white oil.  I'm using a safflower oil pour a little bit on, not too much because it will flare up the grill. 

Mix it up altogether like this.  First, I'm going to cook this chicken with almost all the way through and then I'm going to base them with the barbeque sauce.

Getting Started

We are going to take the chicken wings that have been lightly oiled and we are going to place some on the grill. I'm going to turn down the grill just a little bit.  I'm going to chop the top.  As you can see here, temperature is going to start going up and we can really cook the wings inside quicker. We shut the grill and use it as an oven.  

We are going to leave the cover close for about 3 or 4 minutes. The temperature might go up to 400 or 500 degrees even it's fine.  As we can see they get nice and golden on that side.  There's a little bit more, that's fine like that.

Next Steps

So after we flipped them, we are going to close the grill back down again. Let them cook some more.  Another 3 or 4 minutes and have a look. See how they are doing. Do you see how that skin is?  The crispy skin underneath is really again what makes these things shine and then you are going to put your sauce on top of that which will be over crispy skin and that's where you're going to get these great wings from.

Check for Doneness

Okay so now I'm going to check for done this.  I think they are about ready.  I'm going to pull the biggest chicken wing apart right at the thick part of the drumlet.  As you can see this is cook through. There is no more red all the way to the bone.  We are going to now base the chicken wings with the barbeque sauce.  I'm going to paint it on like that.

Flip it over to get the other side.  I'm going to close the cover again and let them cook.  Just a few minutes this way.  Now I've been turning the wings and each time I turn them, I close cover again.  I want them to be nice and evenly cook.

What I'm really doing here is just cooking the sauce.  As you can see, that looks good because there is some black on it but it is not covered in charcoal.  I'm going to get one more coat of sauce.  I'm going to close lid, let them cook for a while.  Just 3 or 4 minutes at the most.  We don't want to leave too long with the sauce or else they might burn. 

And there you have it, some delicious chicken wings.  For more information, please visit

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