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Video:Profile of Allen Iverson

with Jamal Andress

Allen Iverson is a legendary basketball player who ended his career without ever winning an NBA Championship. Get an overview of the NBA career of Allen "The Answer" Iverson in this bio video from Transcript

Transcript:Profile of Allen Iverson

Hello I'm Jamal Andress with and today's profile is Allen "The Answer" Iverson, 4-time scoring champion standing at a proud 6 feet and 160 pounds.

Allen Iverson's Early Life

Allen Iverson was born and raised in Hampton, VA where he was a star on the basketball court and football field. Iverson lead the football team in the fall and the basketball team in the spring and won state titles in both sports.

Iverson attended Georgetown University for college where he spent two years before declaring for the NBA Draft. While at Georgetown Iverson won Big East Rookie of the Year, lead the Hoyas to a Big East Championship all the while averaging 23 points per game making him the all time leader in career scoring average.

Iverson Gets Drafted into the NBA

Iverson was taken first overall in the 1996 NBA Draft, and standing at 6 feet tall that made him the shortest first overall pick in NBA history. In a draft class that featured Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Ray Allen Iverson emerged from the 96-97 season as the Rookie of the Year. Iverson helped the 76ers steadily improve each season while also building his stat sheet.

Iverson's Career Accomplishments

Iverson's career reached it's peak during the 2000-2001 season where he lead the Philadelphia 76ers to the NBA Championship against the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers. During the season Iverson led the league in steals and averaged 31 points per game, enough to give him his 2nd NBA scoring title. Iverson also earned the regular season and All Star Game MVP awards.

The 76ers lost to the Lakers in 5 games during the NBA Finals. Iverson would continue to put up impressive numbers but the 76ers went on the decline after the 2001 postseason. Iverson ended his 10-year Philadelphia tenure with the highest scoring average in team history 28 points.

Iverson spent the last four years of his NBA career with three different teams, the Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons and then returned to the 76ers. Iverson ended his career with four scoring titles, 11 NBA All Star Appearances and one Regular Season MVP award but never was able to win an NBA Championship.

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