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Video:Quick Tips: Proper Grip for Throwing a Curveball

with Kris Totten

There's a certain grip to have when throwing a curveball. Watch this About.com video to see what it is and how to get ready to throw this type of pitch.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tips: Proper Grip for Throwing a Curveball

Kris Totten here from Akadema Sporting Goods, here for About.com. I'm going to give you a quick few tips on how to throw a curveball.

Why Throw a Curveball?

A curveball is another pitch used to deceive the hitter. Instead of going straight like a fastball, the curveball is going to go north to south.

Instructions for the Proper Grip for a Curveball

For this pitch, you want to make sure you have your thumb underneath the baseball, sitting on the seam. You are going to want to put your index and middle finger on the half of the horse shoe, on the seam, directly above the thumb.

Attaining the Proper Curveball Grip

Alright, to get started make sure you have your proper grip on the curveball, your index and middle fingers on the seam. Square your shoulders up to your target, take that step back, pivoting, maintain a proper balance point, and exploding. Keeping that weight back, getting the elbow up, and exploding to the zone. Stay on top of that baseball.

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