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Video:Quick Tip: Proper Batting Stance in Baseball

with Tom Rohlffs

Proper batting stance in baseball can help the batters connect with the pitch. Watch this About.com baseball video for tips on the proper batting stance when it's your turn to hit.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: Proper Batting Stance in Baseball

Hello, this is Tom Rohlffs, baseball instructor with About.com. Today we're going to cover the proper batting stance.

Positioning Tips for Proper Batting Stance

Great hitters are not born—they're made. And you have to do nothing but practice and repetition, repetition. The batting box is 4 feet by 6 feet. You have plenty of room in the batting box. The home plate is 17 in. square, so you have to cover that plate. I always tell hitter that the middle part of the plate is the middle part of the batting box here. So when I approach the plate I wanna have bat and plate coverage.

So I am just gonna put my bat over and cover the entire plate. That way, pitches cannot bother me on the outside of the plate—or I could cover the inside of the plate—I can cover back here. Now, for fastballs I wanna be a little deeper in the plate and for curve balls and off-speed pitches I wanna be up in the plate.

Bat Handling Tips for Proper Batting Stance

Proper bat handling is you want to have your knuckles together. You want to point your bat at the pitcher and just take a few practice swings and you want to rest your bat on your shoulder before the pitcher goes into his stretch; this will relax you and the muscles in the arm.

And thank you for watching. If you wanna find out more about us, you can find us on About.com on the web.


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