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Video:How to Throw a Slider

with Tom Rohlffs

Throwing a slider in baseball can help you to become a great pitcher. Watch this how-to video from to see instructions for doing it properly.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Throw a Slider

Hi my name is Tom Rohlffs, pitching instructor for, I'm going to show you today the proper way to throw a slider.

Information About Sliders in Baseball

Ted Williams said that the slider is the toughest pitch he had to hit. First of all it is thrown like a fastball, it looks like a fastball but at the last second it will slide to the left. This makes it hard for the batter to adjust from a 95 mile a hour fastball to an 85 mile per hour slider. It is a very popular pitch and all children should be taught how to throw this after 12 years of age.

Tips for Throwing a Slider Correctly

Now since the rubber is 2 feet wide we want to have our stance at the right hand side so we are looking at the catchers glove. The proper grip for a slider is somewhat like a curveball. This index finger puts a lot of pressure on the ball so I put it on the inside seam right here.

Now all of these seams are here for a reason. You place the index finger on the seam so you have leverage. This should be a tight fit. Your thumb is also on the bottom seam underneath. So you have your index finger and thumb and it is going to be very tight. The other finger lands in the middle of the clear area right here. The little finger and 4th finger are just on the side for balance. It's just like shooting a basketball where your other hand is there just for balance It is the same thing for throwing this pitch.

Throwing a Slider in Baseball

So once against your index finger on the seam followed by your first finger. It is important your thumb is on the bottom seam and very tight on the baseball.

Now when you throw the slider it is important you throw it like a fastball. I like to have a young players heel on the rubber. Rock back, put the ball in the glove, first finger down index finger and thumb on the seam. Now when I rock back, go to the stork position, by balancing back you show a student that everything starts here. I push off I extend down so my knee almost hits the ground, I follow through and im ready for anything that comes back at me.

The slider is a very effective pitch along with the fastball and changeup. These are 3 pitches every student should learn.

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