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Video:Should You Stay at a Bed and Breakfast?

with Jade Broadus

A bed and breakfast can be a charming option for lodging on a vacation, but you have to make sure it's the right choice for you. This video will help you decide whether or not to stay at a bed and breakfast.See Transcript

Transcript:Should You Stay at a Bed and Breakfast?

Hi, I'm Jade with Today with, we are going to discuss whether a bed and breakfast stay is right for you.

Staying at a bed and breakfast is a much more intimate experience, offering guests a unique way to travel and still feel many of the comforts of a home. However, a visit to a B&B is not for everyone. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering a stay.

Avoid Cancelling Bed and Breakfast Reservations

First, it is best to ensure your plans are stable before booking. Due to limited rooms, B&Bs often have strict cancellation policies. If your plans are likely to change, it is best to wait until you are certain about the trip before booking.

Children Occasionally Are Not Welcome

Most bed and breakfasts are geared towards adults, and many inns don't even allow children to stay in their rooms. This restriction is great for people looking for a grown-up experience, and presents obvious challenges for families looking to book a stay. Make sure to contact the B&B of your choice before booking if you are traveling with children. 

Additionally, if the inn you book allows children, it's important to consider your particular child's demeanor. Typically, breakfast is limited in variety and afternoon snacks may be aimed at a sophisticated palate, which may not be best suited for picky eaters. Also, many bed and breakfasts lack activities geared towards children specifically, so figure out if there will be things for your children to enjoy during their stay.

Socializing at Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and breakfasts offer the opportunity to socialize. With fewer rooms and generally smaller space than a hotel, meals and snacks are typically more intimate gatherings, giving guests the chance to get to know the innkeeper and the other guests. This is a huge benefit to outgoing couples, and can offer some difficulties for more private visitors. If you enjoy time spent alone, ask the B&B of your choice if you can eat separately from the rest of the guests. On the other hand, if you are looking for the social aspects of the trip, contact the inn and make sure they will be busy when you are planning to stay.

Check on Room Amenities

Since bed and breakfasts come in such a wide variety of designs, there is not industry standard for room amenities. Whether it's an en suite bathroom or king sized bed, it's best to contact the inn before booking to make sure they can meet your accommodation needs.

If you have any questions or are unsure about your stay, the best tip for staying at a bed and breakfast is to contact the inn prior to booking. Many of the issues that arise when considering staying at a bed and breakfast can be alleviated by simply booking the right B&B for your personality, and making the innkeeper aware of any issues you may have.

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