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Video:Etiquette Tips for Staying at a Bed and Breakfast

with Jade Broadus

Staying at a bed and breakfast can be a great experience, but there are some unwritten rules you'd be wise to follow. This video from will go over some etiquette tips for staying at a bed and breakfast.See Transcript

Transcript:Etiquette Tips for Staying at a Bed and Breakfast

Hey, I'm Jade with I'm at the Inn at Playa Del Rey to discuss some etiquette tips for staying at a bed and breakfast.

Bed and breakfasts create an intimate and cozy atmosphere in an attempt to make visitors feel like they are staying in a warm, familiar place. It's always best for guests to rely on the golden rule in terms of etiquette, treating the property and staff as you would treat your own home. This begins with trip planning.

Rules for Bookings and Cancellations

The front desk of most B&Bs isn't open twenty-four hours a day. This means for reservations or with questions, it's best to call during standard business hours, roughly 10am- 8pm. Also, when booking, make sure to find out the check-out and check-in times.

The limited number of rooms also means cancellation policies at b&bs are typically more ridged than at hotels. If your plans change and you need to cancel, it's best to do so as early as possible so the room may be rebooked by another guest.

Treat the Room With Respect

Also unlike hotels, the owner personally chooses the décor and accents. Travelers should never assume they can leave with the towels or robes, and it's expected that guests not damage anything on the property, as some items may indeed be irreplaceable. If something is damaged, it's expected that the guest notify the staff as soon as possible.

Let Bed and Breakfast Know About Dietary Restrictions

Since breakfast is offered, and many places also have an additional meal or snack, notify the inn ahead of time if you have any dietary restrictions. Most B&Bs will accommodate guests, but need time to adjust their food options as they typically only offer a limited selection. If you do not give prior notice of dietary restrictions, there may be no way for the inn to provide you proper food.

Also, if you plan on missing the meal, tell the staff ahead of time so they won't wait for you.

Keep the Noise Down

As B&Bs are closer to homes than hotels, noise can become a problem. If the B&B does not have any particular regulations regarding quite times, consider 10pm a good time to begin keeping noise levels lower.

Tipping at a Bed and Breakfast

Finally, tipping should be reserved for the cleaning staff. However, this is a personal choice. Tip the cleaning staff as you would the staff at a hotel.

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