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Video:Strawberry Shortcake With Whipped Cream

with Ben Kurtzman

Learn how to make perfect strawberry shortcake, including tips for cutting strawberries and making homemade whipped cream.See Transcript

Transcript:Strawberry Shortcake With Whipped Cream

Hi, this is Ben Kurtzman for Food, and today I am going to show you how to make one of my favorite desserts, strawberry shortcake. The beauty of strawberry shortcake lies in its simplicity. It is a biscuit or cake, topped with whipped cream, and strawberries.

Prepare and Slice the Strawberries

First we will wash the strawberries, then we will remove the tops and slice them. When many people slice strawberries, they make a simple horizontal cut to remove the stem. I am going to show you another way where you do not waste as much of the berry. With a sharp paring knife you can cut a circle around the top of the stem and then remove it without losing too much of the berry. So as you can see, I am simply cutting in a circular motion around the top of the berry, and it will pop right out of the top and all we lose is the inedible part of the fruit.

After you remove the top, slice the strawberry thinly.

Sweeten the Strawberries

Once we have sliced the berries, we are going to add a quarter cup of sugar. This will make the berries even sweeter, and it will bring out their natural juices. Stir it up so that the strawberries are coated and nice and sweet. The strawberries will release their juices after you have let them sit for about fifteen minutes.

That will leave you with a strawberry syrup, along with the strawberries that you already have in the bowl. Set the berries aside, and we will work on the whipped cream.

Make the Whipped Cream

Buying whipped cream in the store is always an alternative, but it is easy to make at home, and it will turn out delicious. There is a one word key to making whipped cream at home, and that word is COLD. So, before you go ahead and start making your whipped cream, take the bowl that you are going to prepare it in, and your beaters, and put them in the freezer for a little while. You do not have to worry about doing it for very long, about five minutes will do.

The next step is to add one cup of heavy cream to the chilled bowl. We will mix the cream at medium speed until it forms peaks. You want to be careful and not mix your cream for too long, because then you will just end up with butter.

Once the cream is mixed, add two tablespoons of sugar, and a teaspoon of vanilla. Now we will just mix it to get the sugar and vanilla blended.

Assemble the Strawberry Shortcake

Our final task is assembling the shortcake. I am using these individual sponge cakes that I bought at the store, but you can use whatever kind of cake or biscuit you like. First, scoop the strawberries on top of the cake, making sure you get plenty of the syrupy juice. Then, we will top it with the whipped cream and it will be ready to enjoy.

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