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Video:Write on Cakes With Frosting

with Rachel Thebault

Finish decorating your cake by adding a special (and edible) message. Learn how to pipe frosted lettering on your cake.See Transcript

Transcript:Write on Cakes With Frosting

Hi, I'm Rachel Thebault from Tribeca Treats for About.com Food. Today I'm going to show you how to write a message on a cake.

Supplies Needed to Write With Frosting

You will need:
  • a cake stand
  • piping bags
  • a small round pastry tip
  • a coupler
  • tinted icing at room temperature for easier piping

Prepare the Cake for Writing

We've already iced the cake and put our border on it, then refrigerated it for 10 minutes so that the icing is cold and piping will be easier.

Begin Piping the Message

Hold the pastry bag, fitted with a small round tip, perpendicular to the cake. Using your weak hand as a guide hand, pipe the message.

Space Out the Icing Message

It's helpful to count the number of letters in each word before you pipe, so you can match up the middle of the word to the middle of the cake. This way it won't be scrunched up at the end.

Fix Frosting Gaps

If you have an air bubble in the bag and you get a broken letter, you can gently squeeze a little more icing into the gap.

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