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Video:Stenciling on Fondant Cakes

with Lisa Mansour

See how to stencil on fondant cakes to get a beautiful design every time.See Transcript

Transcript:Stenciling on Fondant Cakes

Hi, I’m Lisa Mansour with New York Cakes in Manhattan, here for Today we’re going to do stenciling on fondant cakes.

Place Stencil on Cake

The first thing you need is a stencil. I have my cake that I covered in fondant. And we’re basically just gonna set it on the side of the cake. I’m gonna take my, I’m actually using butter cream today – you can use buttercream, you can use royal icing.

Cover Stencil With Icing

You just hold the stencil on the side of your cake. And spread a layer of icing. Make sure you cover the entire stencil where the openings are. It’s very important that you cover the entire pattern. Because you can’t really go back once it’s lifted off the cake.

Once I covered everything, I’m just going to take my spatula and smooth it around. One more time. I think we covered everything. What I’m going to do now is just lift off the design.

Create a Border

Ok, I’m just going to take a number 21 star tip and put it on the edge of your pastry bag. And, I’m just going to do a simple shell border. And, then I’m going to take our flower spray that I made earlier, and just arrange it on the top of the cake.

Steady Hands

The most important thing is to keep your hands steady when holding your stencil cause if you move it around it will distort the design. So remember, keep your hand steady and do a sweeping motion.

There are many different kinds of stencils you can use for cakes, so you can have a lot of fun with stencil work on your cake.

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